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390Welcome to The Asheville Center for Contemplative Psychotherapy! The Asheville Center is a practice and teaching center offering counseling and psychotherapy, continuing education trainings for clinicians, and a graduate and post-graduate Internship/Externship program linked to The Asheville Center Community Clinic. We also offer facilitated group mindfulness meditation opportunities and meditation instruction.

Contemplative Psychotherapy is a holistic approach to mental health that integrates Western psychodynamic psychotherapy with the insight into human happiness and suffering offered by Buddhist psychology, itself based on twenty six centuries of empirical observation of the mind and heart through the practice of meditation.

Contemplative Psychotherapy offers a rich and effective practice-based way to understand the mechanics of how we suffer and what makes us thrive. It provides a practical, down-to-earth approach for working with our minds and with each other, to transform our suffering into confidence and well-being. The Asheville Center’s staff therapists and educators are trained in Contemplative Psychotherapy and have long-standing personal mindfulness practices that support their personal and professional lives.

The mission of The Asheville Center is two fold: to provide high quality mental health services to western North Carolina residents of all backgrounds, and to provide clinical training to graduate students and established clinicians in the application of Contemplative Psychotherapy to modern psychodynamic mental health treatment.

Center Staff

photo of pamela millis

Pamela Millis, JD, MA, LPC, LPCS

Founder & Director, Licensed Psychotherapist

Pamela is The Asheville Center’s Founder and Director, and a licensed psychotherapist and supervisor for licensed professional counselors in North Carolina. Pamela is a graduate of Naropa University’s three year Contemplative Psychotherapy Master’s degree program in Boulder, Colorado. She received her undergraduate degree from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York and holds a law degree from the University of Georgia at Athens.

Pamela has a full-time private psychotherapy practice, provides supervision to graduate and post-graduate clinic therapists, leads a meditation practice group and directs the various programs of The Asheville Center. A student and teacher of the intersection of Buddhist psychology and Western psychotherapy, Pamela has been practicing meditation and studying the psychology of meditation under the guidance of experienced teachers since 1998. She is a certified mindfulness meditation instructor and offers meditation instruction in both group and individual settings.

Contact Pamela:

Phone: (828) 545-4563

Email: pamelamillis@theashevillecenter.com